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Upon my recent rediscovery (in my book stacks) of Disney's The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh: A Deluxe Coloring Book (Golden Books, 1991), I decided to make some new backgrounds. I am particularly proud of the background used on this page: Christopher Robin and Pooh taking a nap at a Heffalump Resting Ground. I colorized the original drawing myself, using the traditional Disney colors for the characters (save that I gave Christopher Robin blond hair, as in Classic Pooh and in real life). This background (to my mind, anyway) is easily the most attractive used on this site, surpassing even those based on natural scenes such as Poohsticks Bridge.

I was so delighted by the results of this first effort that I decided to offer you, the visitor, a page specifically devoted to Pooh backgrounds. Using the links below, you may download the various Pooh backgrounds I've created, some of which are not actually used on this site. (Of course, any computer-savvy reader may download most of them from the actual pages where they are used, but I figured I might as well put the links to all the backgrounds in one place.) All I ask is that you link back to my site using the banner I've supplied below and on the Awards And Banners For You page.

Christopher Robin Milne and Pooh

New Adventures #1 (Border Bkg.)

The Enchanted Places

New Adventures #1 (Transparent)

The Path Though The Trees

New Adventures #2 (Full Color)

The Hollow On The Hill

New Adventures #2 (Border Bkg.)

Map of the Forest

New Adventures #2 (Transparent)

Eeyore's Balloon

C.R. and Pooh Resting (Border Bkg.)
Tigger and Roo

C.R. and Pooh Resting (Sm. Trans.)
Pooh's Hero Party C.R. and Pooh Resting (Lg. Trans.)
Galleon's Lap (Pending)
Christopher Robin and Pooh Resting (Pending)
Wet Eeyore (Pending)

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