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As long as I'm getting awards from some of my fellow Webmasters in the Forest country (see the page Awards Given To This Site), I've decided to offer my own Award of Excellence in return. After trying (and awarding) one or two other versions, I've settled for the moment on this design, based on a drawing from Disney's The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh: A Deluxe Coloring Book (Golden Books, 1991) and my favorite picture frame from Paint Shop Pro 7, the Antique Marble frame used for the backgrounds on this site.

If you think you have a really cool site related to A.A. Milne, Christopher Milne and/or Christopher Robin and his friends, you're eligible to be considered for this award. Your site has to pass these strict criteria:

* No profanity, vulgarity, pornography or links to same. None. Zero. Zip. This is A.A. Milne we're talking about here...even his adult work (however serious) avoided virtually all such degradation.

* About fan fiction, original poetry and song lyrics: Parody is acceptable, but barbarism isn't. (What's the difference? As Louis Armstrong once said about jazz, if you have to ask, you'll never understand...)

* About spelling, punctuation and such: I'm a lot more forgiving than when I started this page years ago, but remember, A.A. Milne knew How To Break The Rules Where It Counted. Unless You Do Too, do what your English teacher always tried to get you to do on your essays and tests. @;-) (And By The Way, if you catch me on Some Obvious Point of Spelling, please let me know...leaving aside the fact that I write in American English rather than British English, of course.)

* I absolutely love good written text, good layout, good graphics and good music -- especially when you make putting it all together look as if it were the easiest thing in the world for you to do. Getting around and finding all that with ease on your site is important, too.

* Above all, I'm looking for original treatment of the subject -- something that makes your relationship with Pooh and his friends personal and special, something that shows You Understand What The World of Pooh Is About.

Think your site has what it takes? For the present, I'm taking applications by e-mail (I don't know how to build an application form yet). If you pass (and I'm sure many of you will -- I'm mostly self-taught at Web page design myself), I will send you a copy of the award to the e-mail address that you provide me. Make sure you link the award image back to this URL:

If you have a banner you'd like to exchange with me (once you win the Award, of course), I'll be happy to put it here on this page. (Eventually, I will come up with a separate list of awarded sites, here or on the Web Links page.)

Here is another (and Very Grand) Award I've created for Web sites that are just Too Cute For Words. The standards for this Cute Site Award are a little less strict -- basically the same as above, but with more leeway as to broken links, misspellings and other errors on the page. (I know how easily server problems can arise, especially on Yahoo! Geocities and AOL. I also know how much work it takes to maintain a good Web site.) Also, to qualify for this award the site does not have to be directly Pooh-related. It does have to be kid-safe, special, and above all, CUTE.

Once again, I'm taking applications by e-mail. Make sure you link the image back to this URL (yes, I know I have to update the URL on the banner):

Here's the "official" banner to my site:

Once again, be sure to link the banner to the following address:

Here are the banners from the sites I've awarded so far, plus a few odds and ends..



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Updated June 17, 2016