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Upon looking over just a few of the over 700 offerings related to Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends on, this Boy of Very Little Business Sense (but of Great Idealism) said to himself: "Self...why don't you set aside a spot on this subdirectory where people can look over various Pooh Products and buy them online?"

As stated on my Index Page, I intend to make no profit from this subdirectory. I merely wish to provide the Lovers of Pooh and His Friends with access to information. Accordingly, instead of setting up an Amazon Associate program here, I have simply provided direct links to some of the Pooh Products prominently featured on If I show a mild bias toward Classic Pooh Products, it's not because I dislike Disney Pooh Products (with some Notable Exceptions) -- it's just that Disney Pooh Gets a Lot of Press at the Expense of the Original.

N.B.: Unless otherwise stated, all illustrations used on this and related pages are copyrighted material and are furnished courtesy of

Pooh For People Who Are Very Young

Pooh For People Who Are Young At Heart

Pooh For People Of Enormous Brain

Disney Pooh -- Books & Coloring Books

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